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We examine patients at the hotel where they stay.

Medical Services
For Hotel and Home

Healthist Clinic provides special patient examination services for guests staying in hotels. This service provides comfortable and effective medical care in hotel rooms to people who encounter health needs while traveling or on holiday. Equipped with expert doctors and modern medical equipment, Healthist provides a wide range of services from emergency health situations to routine check-ups. This service, which also appeals to international patients with multilingual support, provides uninterrupted and reliable healthcare solutions during travel.

Specialist Doctors

Specialist Doctors

Get examine service from doctors who are experts in their field.

Examination in Hotels

Examination in Hotel

Individual health examination service at the hotel.


Did you get sick on holiday?

Get examined at your hotel and do not interrupt your holiday. Make your appointment and the doctor will examine you in your hotel room.

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Healthist Medical Service

How Do We Work?

Access quality healthcare services without leaving the comfort of your hotel! Contact us and benefit from our professional medical examination services in your hotel room.

Medical Consultation

Consult and provide information about your illness.

doctor appointment

Make an appointment for a patient examination at your hotel.

medical examine

We perform examination in your room at your appointment time.


After diagnosing your disease, we perform your treatment.