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Medical services for hotel

Healthist Medical Service

Healthist is a leading clinic that offers personalized medical examination services in the hotel room for tourists staying in hotels in Istanbul. It provides emergencies, routine checks and health consultancy with its experienced doctor staff and advanced medical equipment. Thanks to the multilingual support team, quality healthcare services are offered to international guests without language barriers. Safe your health during your travel with Healthist; Enjoy fast, reliable and comfortable healthcare services.

Specialist Doctors

Specialist Doctors

Get examine service from doctors who are experts in their field.

Examination in Hotels

Examination in Hotel

Individual health examination service at the hotel.



Our Vision

As Healthist, our vision is to provide the highest level of health service to our guests staying in hotels in Istanbul, making their travels safe and comfortable. With our innovative and personalized approaches, we aim to provide quality medical care to each patient in his or her own environment. We aim for health and wellbeing to be an integral part of the travel experience.


Our Mission

As Healthist, our mission is to provide medical examination services in hotel rooms to our local and foreign guests staying in hotels in Istanbul, to ensure that their travels are healthy and trouble-free. With our expert team, we aim to keep each patient's well-being and satisfaction at the highest level by providing fast, reliable and personalized health solutions.